We Are a Company with Purpose

Explanation of Purpose

Runaway Girl is a California Social Purpose Corporation, with a dual charitable purpose. What that means is that when we make business decisions our bottom line looks more like a circle. Our reason for existing is to find a sustainable balance between making a return and making a positive impact.

In 2012 we committed to our charitable purpose in our Articles of Incorporation. That commitment includes efforts to:

1) Create career development and employment opportunities for runaway, former runaway, and homeless youth

       2) Improve and create services for runaway and homeless youth

When you hired RG you helped to create opportunities! Our social outcomes include jobs, networks, resources, housing and more!

Career Development

We are in the business of disrupting human trafficking by creating employment and career development opportunities for survivors of all forms of human trafficking. We do that in every way possible.

We believe in local community based trainers, who require support and funding to be sustainable. Runaway Girl offers many survivors their first opportunity to join an organization — for some that means being compensated for their work in the anti-trafficking field for the very first time. Survivor presenters and trainers retain their independent status, and benefit from mentoring and support to further their careers and goals.

To find out more about our social purpose outcomes visit our highlights page. Contact us directly about becoming a part of Runaway Girl or complete an inquiry form through our Join RG! link (it’s on every page).




Runaway Girl has formed a network of professionals that offer guidance to fellow survivors of human trafficking. We have built programs from the ground up, authored books and blogs, and even built and designed websites! Our desire is that every survivor who is interested in learning how their talents and skills could be put to use in this global movement will find an answer. Together we become a strong resource for survivors who are developing and strengthening their own voices in the anti-human trafficking movement. If you are working to improve legislation, or simply want to attend trainings and learn more, a network helps make that happen. Runaway Girls regularly reach out to community based leaders, and celebrate those who are doing amazing work when we visit their communities.

Victims and survivors who are in need of immediate or crisis intervention resources should contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (888-3737-888) 24 hours a day or send a text to 233733 (BeFree).

Are we on Target?

There has been a shift in the way the United States and the world is thinking about adults and children who have been prostituted and commercially sexually exploited. This new perspective would not have been possible without countless brave survivors who continue to speak out and follow through with leadership in their own communities. This advocacy, powered by the support of survivor led and survivor informed organizations has resulted in increased funding for programs, improved services, targeted training and technical assistance. We are encouraged by programs that are being developed. Data is mounting as evidence is being collected to prove the impact this shift has had on the lives of victims and survivors.

Want to know what measure after an RG Training?

Following an RG training there have been increases in the number of human trafficking reports and investigations. There has been increased outreach to victims, improved victim-centered protocols, new research, new program development and an increase in applications for funding to support community based initiatives.

Consulting & Technical Assistance

Runaway Girl, Inc. has become a partner to local communities. We believe in local leadership, and understand the benefit of consultation and technical assistance. We look for ways to share what we know and what we have learned. We do so in order to improve services to victims and survivors of human trafficking.

We know that effective programs and protocols require survivor input. We encourage every community to develop a local survivor led group to assist your local task force, faith based orgs, NGO’s, researchers, and law enforcement. Instead of survivors adding “input” or being an afterthought, ensure that survivors play an integral role at every stage.

How you can do it: Welcome and celebrate those who are building or supporting survivor-led initiatives in your community. Be willing to provide your own consulting and technical assistance to those who are starting with a vision.

Changed Name, Same Purpose!

For those of you who have known us for a while we did go through a name change. Runaway Girl, Inc. was Runaway Girl, FPC. When we incorporated in 2012, FPC “Flexible Purpose Corporation” was the name of the new business form in California that offered directors of corporations the option to consider named social goals, when making business decisions. In January 2015 the FPC name changed to SPC “Social Purpose Corporation,” and the “option” actually became closer to a requirement. This means we are even more accountable for our social purpose! But is also means we changed our name — instead of risking another re-branding (by choosing the “SPC”) we chose Runaway Girl, Inc.