Runaway Girl

We strengthen and support survivor voices through opportunities to train and engage in communities!!!

Runaway Girl, Inc. offers high quality training and technical assistance. We believe in local and are committed to local partners leading the way. Our trainings educate and connect community leaders who are making a difference.

Leading with Purpose



Your measure for success is our concern. Following an RG training there have been increases in the number of human trafficking investigations and outreach to victims, improved victim-centered protocols, new research, new program funding and development.



We know that having strong relationships with local survivors who are active in their local communities saves lives! We stay connected through trainings, group retreats and one-to-one meet ups. Wherever we are, we make an effort to create meaningful networks with local survivors.



Runaway Girl, Inc. works with local trainers to build upon their presentation skills, knowledge, networks, and experiences to enhance every training they attend or lead. RG trainings offer access to speaking coaches, professional networks and opportunities for continuing education.

Outcome Consulting


We focus on building capacity. RG’s basic training includes the A-B-C model of Awareness, Belief, and Capacity. RG Trainings go further than Awareness to challenge deeply held Beliefs and build Capacity through cooperation and collaboration.

Meet the Trainers

Runaway Girl trainers stand strong on their own, yet choose to stand together! We have our own businesses, our own interests, our own stories, and our own bright futures. We are honored to stand together as a team of strong survivors who are dedicated to improving outcomes for survivors of all forms of human trafficking!

Calendar Updates…

Some events intentionally leave out details of location.

In person trainings have been put on hold! If you’re lucky enough to have joined us for a virtual training recently over Zoom you know that our trainers are now highly skilled at transferring their knowledge, optimism, energy and connections via this new platform.

Please email to find out how you can attend and schedule trainings with Runaway Girl!