Robin Rivera


Robin Rivera

In-house Researcher, Runaway Girl



Robin’s Bio

Since graduating from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in social welfare, Robin Rivera  has joined the survivor movement as the in-house researcher for Runaway Girl, advocate, and trainer with a particularly passionate perspective and expertise. Robin has been steadfast in increasing the knowledge base for Runaway girl by diving into anti-demad tactics, issues of forced marriages, and discovering where California particularly needs improvement. Through RG, she has also become a trainer for  the Ending the Game intervention curriculum.

In addition, Robin is  an independent contractor assisting in developing protocol response for CSEC in Santa Clara county, a writer for The Chronicles of Social Change, and an inspirational public speaker. Robin has been a warrior of light speaking relentlessly about her experiences being exploited, abused, and raped as a child and as an adult in the commercial sex industry. Shedding light on the mind manipulation, levels of trauma, and resiliency factors involved within such populations is her specialty.

Being survivor of sexual exploitation, homelessness, and institutionalization, has led her to inspire change. She believes this can be done through inquiry, action, and most of all LOVE.